Demystifying SEO for Entrepreneurs

Can you afford to ignore the customers who are searching for help? If Google isn’t working for you, it’s working against you.

Google is a dark secret to most small business owners, which is easy to understand given all the buzz and jargon like SEO, PPC, AdWords, SERP, CTR, etc. It may not be all that important for a CEO to know any of this unless you’re the marketing director responsible for generating sales leads for your sales team and you need more resources.

When a prospective customer Googles “your keywords” (Denver dentist or Chicago chiropractor, for example) are any of the search results yours? If you don’t show up in the first couple pages, you are giving away customers to your competitors every day. Think about all those weekly lost-business reports, which only report lost sales opportunities you actually knew about and failed to win. In the online world, you’re losing deals you don’t even know about.

Some small business CEOs are sticking their head in the sand. Can you afford to be one of these businesses?